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Visit zenmed here: zenmed.com My site AcneErasingSecrets.com Zenmed is an acne treatment product company that has better products than proactiv, clean and clear, clearasil, neutrogena and skin id. The reason their products are better is because they are made out of more natural ingredients. They are 80% natural and 20% non-natural as opposed to the mainstream name brands I just listed which are more like 80% non-natural and 20% (or less) natural. You can also visit my website at http For this zenmed product review I am just sharing my thoughts and opinions on their product, the quality of their products. I do not 100% fully endorse them because they are not 100% natural but they will work better and I recommend them over almost everything else out there. I do endorse their derma cleanse capsules 100% though because they are all natural and will help with your acne internally. Please like this video, comment and subscribe! David “The Skin” King
Video Rating: 4 / 5

www.BioSkinClear.com 1-866-BIO-SKIN Natural skin care products that work for wrinkles, blemishes, fine lines and redness, people with acne, Rosacea, keratosis, keloid scarring, and stretch marks
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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28 Responses to Zenmed Review

  1. acneerasingsecrets says:

    @DRAGONKINGOFTIBET you’re welcome, thanks for the comment!



    thnx skin guru for ur tip .


  3. acneerasingsecrets says:

    @TheGodsChild97 I will look into it and make a review on it, thanks for mentioning it! 🙂


  4. TheGodsChild97 says:

    can you do a review on clear pores, they claim to be natural and they also offer supplement pills please


  5. acneerasingsecrets says:

    @amandabirtles Well, in order to treat acne holistically you need a holistic system… that’s why I created the acne erasing secrets system so that you can understand the both internal and external factors that cause acne… I recommend the right diet along with the right skin care products at the same time…. It’s important to do both at the same time. I do recommend a few products on my channel though… Several Just natural skin care and sibu products which you can search my channel for.


  6. amandabirtles says:

    so what acne product would you recommend? have you found a natural one that really works? my 20yr old daughter is having a time with acne.. she actually took accutane for a while and it worked however she has been off it for a yr or two now and her acne has come back worse that before.. any suggestions greatly appreciated :o)


  7. acneerasingsecrets says:

    @fl1p1npr1d3 Glad to hear! I actually don’t recommend their skin care products because they contain parabens and things like that… look for the video I made called “How to get rid of acne scars acne scar removal with amazon herbs” I talk about an herb from the amazon rain forest called “sangre de drago” and link to it in the description… it is the best thing I have found and used for acne scars or just any scars in general… it’s really really effective. Hope this helps!


  8. fl1p1npr1d3 says:

    Hi, I bought the capsules and they are GREAT! It drastically reduced my acne, and really lessened the redness and occurence of break outs. I’ve seen improvements within a week.

    Would you recommend on buying the skin eraser kit? I have acne scars from about 5 years ago.

    Also, what would you recommend is the best product on the market right now?

    Thank you so much!


  9. TheLucius1080 says:

    @wuhkarma well it has be part of a hostiltic system but best way to take it to be effective is to take it for 3weeks then stop for two weeks.then rsume in cycles like that.that saves u money come to think of it and it works best if u want explaination why send me a private email or do research youself.hope my advice helps anyone whose reading and you will beat acne one day.


  10. acneerasingsecrets says:

    @wuhkarma That depends on your diet, and if you are hydrated enough. If you make the proper diet changes while taking these pills and drink enough water then it will go away or drastically reduce at least. Thanks for the question 🙂


  11. wuhkarma says:

    If you get the pills, what will happen when you want to stop taking them, for example after your teens? Will the acne comeback, or will it go away?


  12. acneerasingsecrets says:

    @therapeutics23 Wheatgrass is great! very healthy and beneficial… a little pricey if you buy it at the store though… would be better to grow and juice it yourself b/c it’s like $3 a shot or something for wheatgrass.


  13. therapeutics23 says:

    @TheLucius1080 saw palmetto? this would be only for you men out there. i think these supplements are good. i would like to try something similar to this but i want to kickstart it with a liver and blood detox. i hear wheatgrass is really good to drink.


  14. acneerasingsecrets says:

    @SirDrCool The capsules are beneficial, then I would recommend using apple cider vinegar along with the other natural skincare products that I recommend… and really the whole acne erasing secrets system really because it covers everything from diet to what you use on your skin as well.


  15. SirDrCool says:

    thanks for the help. i’m thinking about purchasing the capsules. would the capsules alone help clear the skin, without the other dermacleanse products. because the whole package is rather expensvive..


  16. acneerasingsecrets says:

    @SirDrCool I recommend eating more organic fruits and vegetables and reducing processed foods. I also recommend you change your skin products… what you drink and a few other things too though because different ppl have acne for different reasons and your cause determines the best path to get rid of your acne. It’s really personalized.


  17. SirDrCool says:

    Seeing as the pills are supplement, which foods do you suggest to eat and what not to eat. also iv’e heard that they can completely clear skin in a couple of months. would this be true?


  18. TheLucius1080 says:

    hey skin king(sorry forgot your real name) can u please advice me in all your wisodm if this supplemetation regimen is neccesary and did u include this kind of supplemetation in ur program

    3 acidophilus capsules
    derma cleanse from zenmed
    15,000 iu of vitamin a twice with morning and evening meals
    3000mg of vitamin c with morning and evening meals
    400iu of vitamin e
    saw palmetto 3 capsules a day.
    zinc 50-100mg in supplementation


  19. acneerasingsecrets says:

    @Isbravo48 Your welcome! anytime! 🙂


  20. Isbravo48 says:

    @acneerasingsecrets Hey thanks for the feedback. It’s very helpful and I’m going to try this stuff 🙂 Thanks!


  21. acneerasingsecrets says:

    @Isbravo48 That’s a common myth, everything “clogs” pores b/c it sits in the pores and get’s in your bloodstream. The thing you need to make sure of is that you are putting things on your skin that is healthy and helps support healthy skin. This is one thing that supports healthy skin and the regrowing of new skin quickly.


  22. Isbravo48 says:

    @acneerasingsecrets I’m going to give it a shot. Won’t this clog the pores of the face since it’s oil? Have you experimented this with discoloration due to acne scars cause I ran out of solutions for my skin…


  23. acneerasingsecrets says:

    @Isbravo48 I just looked it over and most of the ingredients are good except for a few parabens (which are preservatives) I would recommend checking out “Seabuckthorn Seed Oil Review” video that I made, that stuff is amazing for scars! I have one little scar on my cheek and have been using that oil and it has been getting smaller and smaller! Will be gone soon! I really recommend that stuff for scars. The link to that specific product is in the description of the video too.


  24. Isbravo48 says:

    @acneerasingsecrets Sounds great! I’ll give it a try. What about the Zenmed acne scar products? I was told not to use anything like microdermabrasion because my skin is so sensitive but this product seems to be good.


  25. acneerasingsecrets says:

    @Isbravo48 I just looked up the ingredients of the clearpores supplement and compared it to the zenmed pills and they are both pretty good… The thing I like about zenmed’s is that it includes neem which barely anything out there has which is great for skin and clearpores has “partially hydrogenated” oil… which “hydrogenated” is basically fake fats which is not good… don’t want to eat it and doesn’t make sense that it is in a supplement. So personally, I would go with zenmed.


  26. jdelafosse04 says:

    I’m curious as to what kind of “little creature” with skin close to that of humans is. That freaks me out a bit… Not interested.


  27. ClearSolutionsResear says:

    Nice vid!

    If you’re looking for a different approach check out our channel. We teach you how to cure the “ROOT Cause” of acne without the use of prescription medications or dangerous drugs.


  28. acneFREEcure says:

    Excellent Video! I struggled with Acne for YEARS! Then a couple of months ago I discovered a way to clear it over about 5 days. Totally changed my life. I’ve created a vid diary on my experiement. Can you let me know what you think please?


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