What’s that acne skin care line on the commercials?

Question by Truth Hurts, Sorry™: What’s that acne skin care line on the commercials?
What’s that acne care line that says it “works better than ProActive” and that you start seeing results in one day?

I can’t remember it, and I haven’t seen the commercial lately…

I’m not interested in ProActive so please don’t recommend it. It’s overpriced and doesn’t work that great.

Thanks in advance!

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Answer by sara is sweet xO
Clear And Clear Advantage.

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8 Responses to What’s that acne skin care line on the commercials?

  1. malletgirlluvsgaara says:

    I’m pretty sure it was called Clean and Clear.


  2. bre33bear says:

    Acne Free


  3. Nikki T says:



  4. mizznancyk19 says:



  5. All Smiles says:

    Clean and Clear Advantage is probably the one you are thinking of. It shows a graph and how C&C beats proactiv, it is really inexpensive too, so I’d try it, I use it from time to time. Murad is just as expensive but I think it can work better in some cases, (the product that works for you totally depends on your skin type though obviously), and acnefree is supposedly really good and less expensive, (although it is still up there), I haven’t tried it though. All three products make that claim, along with many others. Best of luck and happy holidays!!!!


  6. Marta N says:

    Clean and Clear


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