what is the best skin care product to use for severe adult acne and trying to get pregnant (so no accutane)?

Question by TJWilliams: what is the best skin care product to use for severe adult acne and trying to get pregnant (so no accutane)?
there are so many products out there but I’m trying to get pregnant as well as clear up my acne. In the past I’ve tried proactiv and most dermatologist prescribed meds. Any suggestions on a topical skin care product that works best?? Please help!

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Answer by peewee8090
Since you’re trying to get pregnant, you should only use over the counter meds. I have found that washing with the medicated Noxema works as well as anything else. Do it morning & night & stay away from facial moisturizers. You want your face to dry out. I know you know but I have to say STAY AWAY FROM ACCUTANE!!! My dermatologist said it would cause UNSPEAKABLE birth defects. Good luck!!

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7 Responses to what is the best skin care product to use for severe adult acne and trying to get pregnant (so no accutane)?

  1. sweet_potatoes04 says:

    if you are trying to get pregnant, it is best to see a doctor rather than buy your own OTC products. Based on what I know, avoid anything with Vitamin A as too much of it in you could cause deformities to your baby. Good luck !


  2. m_@Lrua _forya _love_in _it says:

    If you just wash your face with water but make sure you keep your face dry and clean because it would be the oil in your pores that would be contributing to the skin problem also eating allot of vegetables and drink water everyday it will help keep oil out of your body and help keep you health to hope full fall pregnant.Also your hair could be too oily which would end up running into your pores on your face and causing red blotches so try a shampoo and conditioner with out added moisturiser like head and shoulders.


  3. Heather says:

    i was going to suggest Proactive, but since you tried that, you might want to hold off on the meds unless the doctor can prescribe something safe for you and the baby. sometimes getting pregnant helps, though, depending on how severe the acne is. at least, that’s what i heard.
    my brother went through severe acne when in high school, and went on Accutane. it worked, but it was hell on his emotions. there have been children who have committed suicide over their emotional state while on it. he had mood swings, etc. i don’t think it’s worth it.
    talk to your doctor. there might be something you can take, even in a milder form, until you deliver and stop breast feeding (if planning on doing so).
    i hope you find an answer, and good luck to you and your hubby!


  4. Pieternel says:

    Try Oil of Oregano all natural. Excellent for acne internally and externally, see source for more info. Use natural progesterone cream after the 14 day of your period see source to increase your changes to get pregnant. Relax and work with young children.

    Oil of Oregano as Acne is an infection. Acne is also hormone related. Oil of Oregano you can add topically and internally and both ways is the best to battle the infection. Oil of Oregano has no side effects.
    Because it is hormone related you can take for women Prosperin all natural progesterone cream and for men Prosperon is an all natural hormone cream. No side effects and it will improve your well being and over all health
    Increase water intake, and avoid stress.


  5. Melissa Renee' says:

    ProActive. It works and it’s safe during pregnancy I’m pretty sure. I used it while I was pregnant.


  6. violinmemories says:

    I have been using Continously Clear for the past 8 years and it has worked wonders for me. Before using it I had severe acne and it made my face look horrible, all red (like sunburn), and very painful. I am now 28 yrs old (wish I had this when I was in high school).

    I tried EVERYTHING including proactiv (which for me did nothing) and medications, OTC creams and nothing worked. A nurse told me about a line that worked for her. It’s called Serious Skin Care, and their website is http://www.seriousskincare.com. They have different lines for ALL different types of skin. They have the continously clear line for both youth and adult acne. It is topical and like I said before has made a complete difference in my own life. I was always trying to hide my face, and generally didn’t really care what I looked like on the outside, but inside I was hurting emotionally. Now, my face is clear (except one week a month) and even than it doesn’t get all out of control – like it use to. They have a continously clear moisturizer that actually helps fight and control breakouts! I highly recommend trying this line out.

    Like I stated before they have all types of skin care lines for different skin problems (oily, dry, over 30, over 40, over 50, stressed, sensitive, etc). My mom (in her 60’s) uses their products, my 21 year old brother loves the olive oil body butter because of the “manly” smell, my sister and aunt both have used the sensitive line.

    Give them a try. They are far less expensive than proactiv, dematology visits, etc..

    Two sites to try:

    hsn.com (look under the beauty page – have both serious skin care and continously clear line). They are on HSN about every two months or so.

    It works!!!


  7. Just a Helper says:

    if you are trying to get pregnant, stay away from stong medications like accutane or vitamin B5. Stick to more natural treatments like clearpores or acnezine.


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