What Is Rosacea

According to Wikipedia &sbquo;”Rosacea is a chronic condition characterized by facial erythema (redness). Pimples are sometimes included as part with the definition. Unless it affects the eyes, it truly is normally a harmless cosmetic condition. Treatment within the form of topical steroids can aggravate the condition.”<br><br>Rosacea is very treatable and may be very easily controlled however it is still troubling to people who suffer from it.<br><br>We usually see much more extreme circumstances of Rosacea in older men and women simply because they have had much more time to suffer the damage to their skin. Jimmy Durante is a prime example.<br><br>Rosacea is skin damage. Several issues can cause it to flair up. As with any medical condition – consult your doctor for remedy choices. They also can confirm that this really is the issue and that it is not acne or lupus.<br><br>Solutions to control it incorporate:<br><br> You’ll find over the counter cremes that function.<br> -Tri Dermal MD Facial Redness Repair is an additional item that could be used to reduce the redness caused by Rosacea.<br> -You’ll find even books written on Self Help for Rosacea and an additional one particular on Rosacea Diagnosis and Management.<br> -One particular all-natural remedy that is sometimes advocated is Seabuckthorn Seed Oil.<br> -Drinking alcohol (though they are not sure what causes Rosacea, it does appear that long term heavy drinkers often have it much more), hot drinks and spicy foods also often improve the flair ups. It’s the flush that causes it to become much more pronounced.<br> -Men and women with Rosacea should use sunscreen and wear hats. Wind can also cause flair ups.<br><br>There’s a fantastic video on <a href=”http://www.americanhealthjournal.com/acne/rosacea-with-timothy-jochen-md/” target=’_blank’>rosacea</a> interviewing Dr. Timothy Jochen on American Health Journal. In that video he talks about medical options which includes lasers (used to reduce or remove redness and may be used to smooth bumps). He also talks about employing anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics (washes and oral) to <a href=”http://www.americanhealthjournal.com/blog/treating-rosacea/” target=’_blank’>treating rosacea</a>.

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