What Is Hyperpigmentation Of Skin?

Hyperpigmentation of the skin is a skin dysfunction which brings about dark spots to appear on one’s skin. This problem occurs when one’s skin produces too much melanin, the substance that gives color to the skin, at one area of their skin. Hyperpigmentation of skin is a pretty common dysfunction and is brought about by overactive cells of the skin known as melanocytes. These cells trigger the production of melanin and when it is produced in large quantities at one part of the skin, one can get this condition.<br><br>What are the causes of hyperpigmentation of skin?<br><br>Well, there are some factors that can cause overproduction of melanin that leads to hyperpigmentation. The sun is well known to cause this dysfunction as well as specific illnesses, hormones, and prescription medications. Other things that may cause hyperpigmentation of skin include impaired functioning of adrenal glands and hormonal imbalances in pregnancy. Any hyperpigmented area of one’s skin normally becomes darker when exposed to daylight and this can even occur when one’s wearing sunscreen.<br><br>Sometimes acne and further scarring can cause temporary and even lasting hyperpigmentation of skin.<br><br>Types of Hyperpigmentation<br><br>There are various varieties of hyperpigmentation of skin. The very first one is known as melasma. It manifests itself in dark patches normally appearing on one’s face. Usually, this condition affects currently pregnant women, but even men can be affected as well. Its real cause is mysterious but it is believed to be a hereditary problem. This condition brings about brown to grayish brown spots to appear on one’s nose, cheeks, and forehead. Melasma is usually caused by fluctuating hormones for the duration of pregnancy. Other triggers include hormone therapy, birth control drugs, specific cosmetics or medications, and of course, the sun. This condition is temporary and can fade quickly after child delivery or quickly after one stops taking birth control drugs and other medications. It can also be treated.<br><br>The second type of hyperpigmentation of skin is known as liver spots. It is brought about by unsafe radiation of the sun’s rays. This is why liver spots most often occur on one’s face and hands. This dysfunction is treatable and bleaching creams work well on it. Unfortunately, some people can get adverse reactions when their skin comes into contact with prescription creams. Therefore, the creams may have to be used for even more than six months in order to achieve any results.<br><br>The third one is known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation of skin. It normally occurs when a skin injury, insect bite, or pimple heals. It is often accompanied by acne. Increased melanin production for the duration of healing can cause this problem. This kind of hyperpigmentation of skin can affect any type of skin and mainly affects people who have more color on their skin-those with dark skin, light brown or olive skin can get it as well. This condition can be prevented by wearing a sunscreen which reduces further darkening of the area. Fortunately, it normally fades away on its own.<br><br>Another type of hyperpigmentation of skin is usually brought about by illness. It can be brought about by an root medical problem, for example Addison’s disease. This type of hyperpigmentation can also be brought about by the interaction of particular medications with ultraviolet light. The medications may include anti-malarial medicines, anti-seizure medicines and minocycline.<br><br>If you have a hyperpigmentation of skin dysfunction, you need to talk to your physician or dermatologist quickly so that you get remedy. Remember you had much better be safe than sorry.<br><br>Hyperpigmentation of skin is a skin dysfunction which brings about dark spots to appear on one’s skin. To learn more about <a href=”http://www.swissgenesisskincare.com/whitening-skin/” target=’_blank’>Skin Whitening</a> please visit: <a href=”http://www.swissgenesisskincare.com/skin-care-products/skin-whitening-products/” target=’_blank’>swissgenesisskincare.com</a>

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