What is a good skin treatment for dry skin & acne – thats also not to strong for sensitive skin?

Question by forever21306: What is a good skin treatment for dry skin & acne – thats also not to strong for sensitive skin?
I have a little bit of acne on my face I really want to get rid of. But I have really seinsitive skin. Everything I try from the store though is either too strong and causes dry skin, redness, irritation,etc or isnt strong enough.

Is there anything else I can try? And skin product reccomendations that will actually work? Or any home remedies that are safe for my really sensitive skin?

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Answer by LETS GO UGA!
I used proactive all through middle school and it kept my face clear, now as a junior in high school, i go to the tanning bed at least 3 times a week and wash all the make up off my face at night, and if i happen to ever get a random zit i use that clearasil 24 hours spot gel. it works great for me, good luck! 🙂

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  1. linda says:

    I have skin thats exactly like yours. I just bought Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser for SENSITIVE SKIN, make sure its the sensitive kind. It looks like this:

    Then I use Clean and Clear Dual action moisterizer, It only has 0.5 % of saycillic acid.
    Image: http://pics.drugstore.com/prodimg/16502/200.jpg

    This made my skin smooth, and i saw that the redness of my acne calmed down. This is a great combination of products. I hope this works for you. It wasn’t expensive, or at least less expensive than Proactive or Skin Id by neutrogena.

    Best of luck!


  2. Mom says:

    You need to do is to get good acne skin product that will be suitable for your skin. There are many acne skin care products available in the market in these days and it’s not easy to choose the product that will give you the best results. When choosing your product make sure to check that you get at least 2 months full guarantee. Some of the big names in the industry are:

    ClearPores, Acuzine, Acnezine, Proactiv, Vilante and some others…


  3. HBCatalogues says:

    I suggest you Zendmed Derma Cleanse system because it’s genuine, 100% natural formula and proprietary blend of herbal actives helps improve elimination and detoxification, so it saves for your sensitive face.


  4. Beu T says:

    while bathing put some oatmeal powder in the tub, add some oil and prepare your bath water.


  5. Red says:

    The worst thing about acne is the scars and the marks it leaves behind. Some of the scars tend to disappear with time but some are so grave that it can be disfiguring which may make our heart sink.

    The post acne marks is the hyper pigmented or red marks and is called as the post inflammatory marks. These marks take at least 6-12 months to completely disappear. When these marks last longer than a year then it turns into a scar. A number of things could be done to reduce the redness and to quicken its pace to disappear. There are also a number of home remedies available. Following are some of them.

    Rub lemon juice on the scar/marks. This will lighten the colour. Apply the juice and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Wash off your face and then apply a sun block lotion.

    2) Make a paste of sandalwood powder, black gram powder and rose water. Apply it on the area and I possible leave it overnight. Wash it with cold water the next morning. If you find that it makes you skin too dry then add some milk into it.

    If these tips did not work for you, do not lose heart you can still try some other tips. Good Luck!


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