Top 8 Anti-Aging Secrets of The 41-Year-Old Teenager Part 1 to get Part 2. There is a way to rejuvenate your body and experience virtual immortality. To have a physical body that barely ages with smooth skin that glows. You can have the wisdom and experience of an adult in a teenage body well into your senior years. I even have some friends who are senior citizens who are following similar techniques as me who are extremely active, sharp as a tack mentally (doing multiple jobs) and kicking the younger guys butts in the gym. There is no such thing as age only if you expect it and believe it. I’ve literally found the fountain of youth, with the antiaging secrets I’ll be sharing with you in part 1 and part 2. You’ll learn how to heal almost any disease. The diseases most people associate with old age like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and cancer (and most other illnesses) can be healed in a completely natural fashion. Nature does provide a panacea for most ills. Not only can this program help you heal, experience vitality and high energy levels it can also help you burn fat while eating like a pig. Never have I seen a group of people so slim as the ones who practice what I’ll teach in these vids. You just need to know what foods to eat and especially what foods to avoid with my anti-aging diet secrets as well as a few other factors. The keys are purity and activity. You either use it or lose it. And by the way, this works great if you have depression. I healed my depression in one day by eating just a 50% super
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25 Responses to Top 8 Anti-Aging Secrets of The 41-Year-Old Teenager Part 1

  1. RogerHaeske says:

    @OregonGaming LOL, I’ll show mine when Obama shows his real birth certificate. Not the forgery he’s currently trying to scam us with.


  2. OregonGaming says:

    Donald Trump wants to see a birth certificate!


  3. RawChristianSuperman says:

    Hey Roger, I got a similar compliment last year. I was sitting in a restaurant talking to a stranger about the school I used to attend, and he seriously asked me what I thought of my PRESENT tense. I was shocked, I too actually pass for a teenager still, and I do alot of the things you talk about.

    Those are always cool moments.


  4. ahmed337799 says:

    what about brain deteroriation? that scares me the most.


  5. liuton2005 says:

    I’ve seen your video number 2 on your website. Thank you very much for the advice on your video!


  6. Venefica82 says:

    He do look younger than 41, I would say he look about 30. However at a distance I could buy someone mistaking him for a teenager. However if you look closely he do not look like a teen, but he do look very fit and healthy.


  7. lovina87 says:

    Wow… you look so healthy and fit…congradulations. I know this video is older but you look nothing like most people in their early 40s. I am 33 and most people take me to be much younger and some ask me about high school as well. The body has an amazing ability to regenerate itself if we just give it the right fuel.


  8. MicahLeviClark says:

    @RogerHaeske Those few Grey Hairs are proof of Wisdom I’d say haha


  9. MicahLeviClark says:

    @tommixoft Your Dead Wrong my friend! Sunshine does wonders as long as your eating great foods…


  10. mrgregoryp says:

    its spelt dyed, not died


  11. transporter108 says:

    @tommixoft you are an idiot. the sun is good for you. It provides vitamins to help keep you happy and going strong. The chemicals you put on your body cause the harm.

    do research before you make lame and ignorant comments.

    great video


  12. 20470ify says:

    Why the HELL would you want to live forever and being young at the same time. I find working stressful enough and I am only 22, most people hate their jobs paying bills, ending ending bloody story. Even if you do retire young like my father you can have the fastest most expensive cars and still get sick of life, just existing is hard enough for me life is so stressful it is nuts, yet people want to live forever, far out you people are nuts who do want to, I would have a mental breakdown.


  13. bob21801 says:

    I’ve only watched your first video so far. What we put (and don’t put) into our bodies is at least 80% of what we get in return. I have been making major changes to my diet and lifestyle over the past year, High healthy fats and fiberous veggies, very low starches, sugars and processed foods. Moderate protein. Eat REAL food. Ocassional fasting with water up to 2 weeks and juice up to 4 weeks. I look and feel younger than I did a year ago. Keep it up Roger. I’ll be checking out your other vids.


  14. RogerHaeske says:

    @MrXSpeaks If my hair were died I wouldn’t have any grey hairs. Yet I do have some greys as well. But overall I enjoy the health and looks of a young man.



  15. MrXSpeaks says:

    he’s in great shape, lean, tanned, with died hair. I can believe he is 41.


  16. TheHealthyAdvocate says:

    Roger – I also became really interested in anti-aging and natural health when I was 12-13 years old. You are definitely one of my heroes! Keep it up. 🙂


  17. SandCmpbll says:

    You look like James Franco.


  18. SuperAntisocialite says:

    Smart guy.


  19. FunFacta says:

    Yur video is interesting haha ur birthday is 5 days after mine…i am 36yrs old and people keep thinking im 24 thats good i guess for the last 10 years ive stayed in that range..well i cant pass as a teenager but as a woman thats pretty good


  20. polarbear666666 says:

    okey so the key to beeing healthy and happy, is eating healthy and thinking happy thoughts?


  21. RawFitChris says:

    Sunshine is necessary for basic health on so many levels, including bone, muscle health. Two hours of sunshine even lowers cholesterol much more than months of an drug or supplement. Sun was and is the ultimate disinfectant. “Better living thru chemistry” has raped that in the last few hundred years, and caused harmful “side” effects. The planet areas and people who get the most sun get significantly less skin cancer. Bottom Line; Sun too hot- go in the shade. Duhhh.


  22. korvix says:

    @healingdragon wake up man, anyone on a raw food lifestyle with some basic daily exercises can look like this guy…

    stop eating crap like meat, dairy, carbs and you will look like this in a few months


  23. MarkissBeauty says:

    i love you


  24. davidisadadof2 says:

    You must take Astaxanthin to avoid getting sun burned…just a theory 😀 You look damn great for 41 (well, you’re probably close to 43 now :D) I hope to look as good as you or better by that time- it’s only 5 years away for me! Must lose the weight, about 100#s; I know, it’s a challenge, but I’ll get there!


  25. nabilinho says:

    Hi Roger! Regarding your comment about salt. I agree with not consuming table salt, sodium, but what about Himalayan Sea Salt or other sources of raw organic sea salts that have a lot of minerals?


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