The Right Way to Prevent Teenage Acne by Taking Precautionary Measures

Acne is a common problem for almost everyone, particularly during the adolescent years. It’s changing hormones during the teen years that makes acne almost universal. To reduce acne you should understand why you get acne.<br><br>It’s plugged pores in your skin that set off <a href=”” target=’_blank’>Acne</a>. An oily compound called sebum is produced by glands below the surface of the skin. Your pores ought to allow this sebum to reach the surface of your skin to keep your skin moist and flexible.<br><br>Your skin sheds old cells and replaces them with new cells. A problem occurs when too much oil causes these old skin cells clump together and plug up the pores. <br><br>These accumulating masses of oily dead skin particles finally begin blocking or plugging up the pores a couple of weeks before they are large enough for you to notice. When this takes place the sebum that should rise to the surface is blocked and accumulates beneath the skin’s surface. An infection starts as bacteria within the mass of old skin cells and oily sebum start to multiply.<br><br>As the sebum accumulates and the infection gets worse you begin to finally see changes to your skin. Bumps start to enlarge until they become blackheads and whiteheads you know as pimples. You’ve got acne.<br><br>Acne is most prevalent in the course of the teenage years. Why is that?<br><br>As young people begin to mature the body starts generating new hormones. Both male and female adolescents produce the hormone testosterone. Testosterone produces a chemical reaction that causes the glands to produce extra sebum. The upsurge in sebum causes the skin to become oily and particles of old skin cells clump together and start to block some of the pores.<br><br>After a handful of years, in the early twenties, the body can better regulate the reaction testosterone has on the glands so a reduced amount of sebum is created. As sebum production is reduced the amount of dead skin cells clumping together also is reduced. And acne goes away. While adults may still develop acne, their skin is drier and less elastic. Hence, the <a href=”” target=’_blank’>adult acne treatment</a> will differ slightly from that for teenage acne.<br><br>What can adolescents do the reduce the incidence of acne?<br><br>Keep your skin free from surplus oils and take away as many of the dead skin cells as possible. This normally requires gentle washing twice a day. Mild, non-alkaline cleansers work best to keep the skin free from oil and keep bacteria at bay.<br><br>Eat wholesome foods. If you eat something that causes your face to feel like it is oozing oils, you know that what you just ate is not going to help keep you acne free. Keep away from manufactured foods with a high sugar content. Avoid foods containing ingredients like high fructose corn syrup. Rather, eat natural foods like meats, whole grain breads, diary products, along with fruits and vegetables. <br><br>Teenage years are often stressful. And stress produces additional hormones that increase sebum flow. Learn to deal with stress and exercise to help work off daily stress.<br><br>Don’t use oily or greasy makeup or skin creams. These just add to the oils already on your skin as well as particles that help block your pores.<br><br>You really can appreciably reduce the chances of getting acne by keeping your skin free from excess oils.

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