Removing Skin Tags Yourself Or With the Aid of a Physician

There are quite a few skin tag removal techniques worth checking out, in that they’re each simple, yet very effective.<br><br>Before you decide to remove these growths, it is important that you have a good reason for wanting to do so. I say this because unlike other types of skin growths, skin tags are always benign, which is another way of saying that they are completely harmless.<br><br>What’s more, most dermatologists don’t recommend they be removed unless the patient absolutely insists.<br><br>However, there are some instances where the removal of these growths is warranted. An example of such a case is when a tag keeps getting snagged on jewelry or pieces of clothing, causing mild discomfort and soreness.<br><br>A person might also choose to remove these tags because they make him or her feel uncomfortable, which is a perfectly sound reason.<br><br>Instead of having them physically removed, you may choose to go the homeopathic route and pick up some herbs or vitamins at your local health food store. This is because some vitamins and herbs are <a href=”” target=’_blank’>great for removing skin tags</a>. For instance, vitamin E, bloodroot and tea tree oil are known to help.<br><br>There is one disadvantage of taking the natural approach to getting rid of these growths. There is no clear way of knowing how long it takes to dissolve the tags. Therefore, you should be prepared to wait 3 to 4 weeks to see any visible change if you decide to go down this route.<br><br>Alternatively, you can decide to use over the counter products to get rid of undesirable growths. Some of these products are made with natural ingredients, including many of the same substances I mentioned above.<br><br>In other words, you might want to do your research to see if it’s cheaper to buy one of these products as opposed to simply buying some of their key ingredients separately.<br><br>If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of trying to remove a tag yourself, which is perfectly understandable, then it’s probably best to make an appointment with your dermatologist.<br><br>Your dermatologist can remove a tag in a variety of ways, but often times they simply cut it off with a scalpel or pair of surgical scissors. This approach is great because it’s relatively painless and the healing time is short.<br><br>A dermatologist might also decide to use complex procedures such as cryotherapy and electro-surgery. These procedures employ temperate extremes on opposite end of the spectrum to get the job done.<br><br>In particular, electro-surgery uses heat to burn the skin tissue, while cryotherapy using freezing cold temperatures to destroy the skin cells.

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