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Specialized acne cleansers can help promote clear skin efficiently and quickly. <br><br><a href=”” target=’_blank’>Acne</a> has a lot to do with oily skin. As you probably already know, at puberty your body starts to produce hormones such as testosterone. Testosterone has the primary impact on the sebaceous glands that make the skin oil. These glands become enlarged and start creating too much sebum, or skin oil. The sebum enters your pores and moves onto the surface of your skin. <br><br>Acne blemishes are the result of the excess sebum mixing with dead skin cells that in due course form a clump that plugs up your pores.So you will need to frequently cleanse your skin to remove this excessive skin oil. This can help avoid clumping of skin cells as well as the blockage of the pores. Because it takes days for the blocked pore to become observable, you’ve got to be attentive and cleanse your skin regularity. Many people recommend twice a day cleansing.<br><br>Dead skin cells are also an important part of acne. Your skin is constantly renewing itself as dead skin cells are replaced by new cells. If the tiny dead skin cells are permitted to stay on your skin this increases the likelihood of becoming mired in skin oil and forming clumps. Hence, removing dead skin cells, or exfoliation, is one more important feature of the cleansing process.<br><br>Bacteria also plays a significant role in acne. There is bacteria everywhere. In the air, on your hands, on your hair. On your clothes. Virtually everything your skin comes in contact with has bacteria. After this bacteria gets into your pores it may well infect the pore and any cells around the pore. This infection, left untreated can result in a large, hot, acne pustule or maybe a cyst. <br><br>There are three steps to treat and prevent acne in nearly all <a href=”” target=’_blank’>acne removal tips</a>. First wash excessive oils from your skin. Apply an anti-bacterial gel to kill bacteria on the surface as well as in the pores. And, the use of an exfoliant that helps take away dead skin cells.<br><br>Each step is performed separately and your skin is permitted to dry between the steps. This procedure normally takes 30 minutes to three quarters of an hour. <br><br>Generally a non-alkaline soap or cleanser is recommended. This is because bacteria love an alkaline environment. To help kill any lingering bacteria a preparation of benzoyl peroxide is often recommended. Peroxides provide added oxygen that helps kill bacteria. A mild acid like salicylic acid found in a gel preparation is applied next. The sequential use of these products comprise the 1-2-3 step process.<br><br>Some products offer a combination of ingredients that reduce the time it takes to treat your skin. By using a combination of ingredients you can have greater confidence that you are getting a complete treatment.<br><br>A couple of the more popular combination of ingredients products include ProNexin and Nonocleanse. Both products guarantee a significant improvement in your skin in 72 hours when used according to directions.<br><br>These and other acne cleansers can help you clear up and prevent future outbreaks of acne.<br>

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OXY Daily Wash Acne Treatment, Maximum Strength 6 oz (177 ml)

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