Reasons Why You’ve Got Dry Skin

Dry skin is annoying and can lead to other problems such as flaking and blemishes. In this article, I am going to go over a few factors which could be the cause of your dry skin.<br><br>If you have dry skin or <a href=”” target=’_blank’>oily skin</a> then I think it’s safe to say you have used a moisturizer before. The concern here is that you could possibly be using a moisturizer that isn’t that good and you might be using it in the wrong way. You should use an thick and creamy moisturizer that contains no alcohol or perfumes. You should use the moisturizer while your skin is still damp, after cleansing or showering. Use the moisturizer before your skin dries out completely but not while it is still completely soaked and wipe off any excess moisturizer that is left on your face.<br><br>Hot showers or baths might also be the cause of your dry skin. Hot water could wash the natural oils out of your skin making it too dry. You should reduce your time in baths and showers and use warm water instead of hot water.<br><br>When you are using products on your face, many rules apply for both dry and <a href=”” target=’_blank’>oily skin</a>.<br><br>Washing your skin with soap causes it to dry up too. Soap strips away the skins protective skin oils. You need to use a cleanser that does not contain alcohol or any added perfumes. Anything that leaves your skin feeling stretched and dry after use is not good. You should try to find soaps that are labeled as &ldquo;moisturizing&rdquo;. An oil based cleanser is also one thing to keep an eye out for. If you have problems with dry skin, you need to avoid using any rough and aggressive scrubs to cleanse your skin, instead you should look out for the more gentle cleansers.<br><br>Dry air sucks moisture from our skin. The air is drier during the winter time which is why the skin can be even drier during this time of year. To overcome this issue, you should moisturize your skin more often. You can also use a humidifier to bring some moisture into the air.<br><br>Exfoliating too often will cause your skin to dry out. If you have dry skin then you should only exfoliate weekly or twice a week. Be sure not to use any facial scrubs that contain “organic exfoliants” within them. This is because of to the fact that natural scrubs such as apricot seed pieces have sharp edges and can actually damage the skin. Synthetic exfoliating beads are better for your skin than natural exfoliating pieces.<br><br>

<br><br>If you are not properly hydrated then your skin can suffer. You don’t need to go crazy and drink unnecessary amounts of water. This will not really minimize the dryness of your skin past a certain level. Just make sure that you are drinking plenty of fluids every single day to make sure that dehydration isn’t the problem.<br><br>One more factor that can cause dry skin isn’t in our control. It’s age. As we grow older, the quantity of sebaceous glands that release oil in the skin are reduced. The skins ability to keep hold of moisture is also reduced. There’s virtually nothing at all that we can do to change this so there’s not much point thinking about it too much.<br>

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