Q&A: I beg u, i want a clear face from acne “Scars” please any any thing u know tell me?

Question by I can only do me so thts wt i dd: I beg u, i want a clear face from acne “Scars” please any any thing u know tell me?

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Answer by 我是孤独的

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6 Responses to Q&A: I beg u, i want a clear face from acne “Scars” please any any thing u know tell me?

  1. Nicnic says:

    I’ve never found anything that minutely helped with my horrible acne scars. If you go to a skin spa they have a bunch of peels and laser treatments designed to help with scarring but if you are lactose intolerant you won’t be able to undergo any of it. Good luck! Let me know if you find something that works, please.

    PS! Acutane is not a solution for scars! If is only for SERIOUS cases of severe acne.


  2. Katie C says:

    one way to help clear the scars or to not ever have scars, would be to not pop the pimple at all! popping the pimple will always leave a scar. to clear the scars, you could use this scar eraser type thing called coco butter. keep rubbing the coco butter on everyday, 2 times a day. once in the morning and once at night. the scars should go away then. if not, you should talk to a dermatologist and see what they would recommend.


  3. irishgirlx481 says:

    I recommend going to a dermatologist their doctors that specialize in this stuff. You could also try the following

    Drink water- its good for your skin

    believe it or not you could try going in the sun its good for your skin and gives you vitamin D- You can still get vitamin D while using sunblock. also a sun burn wont help your problem.

    also vitamin E helps repair skin their is a liquid vitamin E that you can apply directly to your skin.


  4. what???! says:

    Mederma! It works pretty good. They wont go away immediatley but if you keep applying daily they will eventually lighten up or even go away. They sell it at like Walmart its like $ 20. Good luck!


  5. LadyDreamon says:

    Dermatologists can do many things. You can have a dermatologist give you laser treatments or a chemical peel that should at the very least reduce the pitting if not erase it entirely.

    The down side of this is that your skin will be very sensitive for about a year after the treatment and you will have to wear sunscreen every day (which you should be doing anyway)
    and you will have to have your face covered in bandages under vaseline for about the first week after the treatment. These can be expensive, but they’re the only way to truly get rid of the scars.

    You can also have collagen or other fillers injected into the scars if there aren’t very many, but this is not a permanent solution.

    Shorter term you can use a foundation primer containing silicone which will help reduce their appearance under makeup.


  6. Avenged S says:

    SIMPLE: I recommend you use Cetaphil in the morning followed by toner, and then at night use clean and clear foaming facial wash followed by clean and clear cooling toner.


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