Q&A: Homeopathic Arnica promoted by Surgeons?

Question by Apropos: Homeopathic Arnica promoted by Surgeons?
Thenoseknowsnothing writes:
“Plastic surgeons routinely use homeopathic remedies like Arnica and Hypericum to reduce swelling and pain.”

I can confirm that some surgeons do recommend “Arnica”. I had some routine surgery a few years ago and the surgeon did offer me a tube of “Arnica” to “reduce scarring.” (His office manager had a side-business selling various altmed remedies…).

The thing is, this was a homeopathic preparation (according to the label). I showed the surgeon that homeopathic remedies contained zero active ingredients. He was shocked — he didn’t know. He had assumed this Arnica was some kind of rational preparation of the the arnica plant, and that “60X/30C” was some kind of percentage.

So, while it’s true some surgeons recommend non-prescription “Homeopathic Arnica”, it’s also true they don’t know what’s in the cream (or more accurately, what’s not in the cream).

Should patients inform their physicians/surgeons when they make irrational recommendation of homeopathic medicines, or should they just walk away and find another doctor?

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Answer by Kate ^^
I use arnica just to help heal my body, it helps bruising and stuff.
traumeels cream is the best cream if you’re going to get it.. -get it from germany or the organic pharmacy. I only inform doctors and stuff but they allow it =| its made on vibrations. that sounds weird but yeah i friend makes them..
hope this has kinda helped =| mm

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6 Responses to Q&A: Homeopathic Arnica promoted by Surgeons?

  1. Mr E says:

    routine surgery? a little occaisional whittling? this is what happens when someone gets paid thousands of dollars for cutting on someone else.


  2. Gary Y says:

    A classic example of why an argument from authority is a logical fallacy. It does not provide evidence that homeopathic Arnica works.

    Yes physicians should be educated about homeopathy if necessary, they can be fooled as easily as anyone else.

    EDIT: @gamya, please do not use the words ‘scientific’ and ‘miracle’ in the same sentence; especially while you are talking about homeopathy. Both homeopathy and miracles are rejected by science.


  3. gamya says:

    The healing beauty of Arnica in Homoeopathy is not as external application rather it does miracles in potentised form for various ailments. As a matter of fact, Arnica in crude form i.e unpotentised may not be called Homoeopathic at all. It is like any other crude medicine in any other mode of treatment other than Homoeopathy. It is only the scientific dilution and thus potentisation of the mother tincture that opens up the MIRACLE effect of Homoeopathy.


  4. Prometheus is a girl says:

    It just shows the high level of education presented by the surgeon. I rather go to the corner butcher.

    Mr. Bald Science – if instead of trolling the Alt/Med you’ll take a good care of your Psoriasis and the Shingles, you will do much more for your self and others.

    Is the hate for anything natural coming from deep down from your pain ridden body and soul?


  5. dave says:

    If he made the claim that it ‘reduced scarring’ then he should really be reported for either selling medicines without a licence (medicine should be dispensed by a pharmacist) or making false claims about a product.


  6. Flizbap 2.0 says:

    If the guy who was about to perform surgery on me recommended homeopathy to me, I would not let him cut me open.

    In fact, I might slap him.

    Seriously, it’s the doctor’s job to at least have a working knowledge about medicines both effective and ineffective, ESPECIALLY if he’s trying to sell it to you. How the h*ll are you going to sell a product knowing so little about it that you aren’t even aware that it essentially contradicts your entire profession?


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