Q&A: 11 Science Questions,Help Please??10 point?

Question by molly L: 11 Science Questions,Help Please??10 point?
1) Which of the following questions CANNOT be answered through the process of scientific investigation?
A. If I eat McDonald’s everyday for a month, will my blood pressure go up?
B. Which brand of deodorant is most effective at stopping wetness?
C. Why is it so fun to tease my little brother?
D. Is white bread quicker to mold than wheat bread?

2)Select the best hypothesis from the following statements:
A. If you sing to bean seeds, then they will sprout sooner.
B. I think pumkin plants prefer shade.
C. “Crayola” makes the best crayons–my little sister says so.
D. I predict the cat will like its haircut

3) Suppose you were on the Internet, looking for reliable sources of information on acne. Which of the following websites would be the most trustworthy?
A. “Acne-Solution (Risk-free 60-day trial)”
B. “American Academy of Dermatology-Acne”
C. “Yahoo! Answers-Is it bad to pop zits?”
D. “Blackhead remover vacuum gun-enjoy blemish free skin in 5 days”

4) Is it ever acceptable to copy information from a source, word-for-word? (Think English Class)
A. Yes, it is acceptable–once information appears in print, it is there for people to use.
B. You can’t copy from books, but you can copy from the Internet.
C. Yes, it is acceptable, as long as you use quotation marks and list the source in your bibliography.
D. No, it is never acceptable to do this in school.

5) Which of the following experiments would involve the collection of quantitative data?
A. The number of flowers on tomato plants grown at different temperatures.
B. How brown apples get over a period of two weeks.

C. How well two stain removers work on grass stains.
D. The preference of people for soft pretzels with different amounts of salt.

6)Which is more scientific, quantitative data or qualitative data?
A. Quantiative is more scientific because it involves opinions.
B. Qualitative is more scientific because it involves measurement.

C. They are equally scientific, it really just depends on the type of experiment you’re doing.
D. Neither is particularly scientific.

7)Joop is testing whether microwaved water or stove-heated water cools off more quickly. This is his list of materials so far:

Water, Microwave, Cups, Thermometers, Stove, Pan

How would you help Joop to improve his materials section?

A. Have him tell what size pan to use
B. Have him tell what size cups
C. Have him tell what type of cups-plastic, glass, styrofoam, etc
D. All of the above

8)Here is Joop’s procedure section:

1. Pour water into a pan

2. Put the pan on the stove and heat it.

3. Pour water into a bowl

4. Put the bowl into the microwave and heat it

5. Pour the water into the cups

6. Put in the thermometers

7. See what happens

What could Joop do to improve his procedure?

A. He needs to tell how much water to use.
B. He needs to tell how long to heat the water.
C. He needs to tell how often to record the temperature.
D. All of the above

9)Natalie, Joop’s older sister, decided to help him out with his experiment. She and Joop filled a small saucepan halfway with water and set it on the stove until the water reached 100 degrees Celcius. They also filled a large glass measuring cup halfway with water and heated it in the microwave until the water reached 100 degrees Celcius too. When both water sources were boiling at 100 degrees Celcius, Joop poured 50 mL of the stove-heated water into a small Styrofoam coffee cup. Natalie poured 50 mL of the microwaved water into an identical Styrofoam cup. They placed a thermometer into each cup and recorded the temperatures every minute until the water in each cup had cooled to at least 50 degrees Celcius.

What was the constant in this experiment?

A. The amount of water in each Styrofoam cup
B. The temperature of the boiling water
C. The time interval for recording the temperatures
D. All of these were constants in this experiment

10)What was the control in this experiment?
A. The water
B. The thermometer
C. The stove
D. There was no control in this experiment.

11)What was the dependent variable in this experiment?
A. The temperature of the cooling water
B. The temperature of the boiling water
C. The stove
D. The microwave

Best answer:

Answer by Jesska
1. C
2. A
3. B
4. C
5. C
6. B
7. D
8. D
9. A
10. B
11. B

What do you think? Answer below!

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