Photodynamic therapy

Photodynamic therapy is one of the new and exciting things in dermatology in the last 10 years. As is often the case the Europeans are far ahead of us in this modality because they get drugs approved easier and cheaper than we do, but we’ve are from their experience, so in a sense it’s an advantage if there is one. The way it works is this: as it pertains first to acne, certain wavelengths of light that kill the bacteria responsible for causing much of the problems in the skin that lead to pimples. So it’s a simple thing to shine the intense blue light on your skin and killed the acne bacteria. That’s not the whole problem because acne is not in essence just a bacterial infection. The oil glands or addressed by the intense LED lights which all are in the near infrared spectrum in the oil glands are altered in such a way that they are made less active. Fortunately though we have a chemical called aminolevulinic acid which can be applied to the skin, and it is selectively absorbed into the oil glands. Once it’s absorbed, we shine the lights on, and because so much of the chemical is concentrated in the oil glands, the chemical, when it changes after exposure to light, the oil glands to some degree self-destruct and become less active. Benson Dermatology – Ponchatoula, LA Louisiana

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8 Responses to Photodynamic therapy

  1. lancieb27 says:

    how your skin look 8 months post-treatment


  2. lancieb27 says:

    did it work on your oil glands.


  3. 1Femme1Stud says:

    @HapaLife hey do you have pictures?


  4. HapaLife says:


    I had:

    Bad acne scars,
    Frequent breakouts,
    Olive skin (half Asian),
    Very sensitive and dry skin,
    Badly damaged skin from acne treatments,

    After one PDT treatment my face was literally almost new.

    Most of my acne scars were greatly diminished by 50-60%, and some were completely erased. My skin was soft and supple, absolutely radiant, my acne breakouts disappeared, my blackheads were completely gone, my small indented scars from blackheads were cleared. $450 is worth my self-esteem.


  5. HapaLife says:

    Because my skin was so sensitive, the application of the PDT cream was very painful, I’m not going to lie. And my skin was red for three days, many areas of my face were blistered for 4-5 days, and my face was very dry. But after that when the swollen skin went down, the dryness went away, and the redness went away. WOW, totally f***ing worth it. Sorry for swearing, but this was the best decision for my skin I have ever made in my entire life. $450 is an easy pricetag to live with.


  6. Aloosh12 says:

    im getting this next week.. i hope it destroys my oilglands


  7. ruschick says:

    Thank you for the information! I’m going to get photodynamic therapy done in a week..


  8. 257274505 says:

    Great information! I would love to learn more about dermatology! And medicine! You are very knowledgable!


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