Oats: A Delicious Treat And More

Who does not love oatmeal? Oat meal is in all likelihood among the healthiest and not to mention, among the most popular goodies throughout the world. However, oat meal isn’t just a tasty snack. It may also function diverse other purposes that may amaze you. A few of these are mentioned below:

A Refreshing Facial Mask

Oat meal is definitely tasty for the skin also. Oat meal facial masks are incredibly popular, and these are popular even in professional spas and salons. Even though there are numerous commercially made facial masks available in the market, natural products are very well suited for the skin. Nonetheless, never assume that if it’s natural, it’s fine to utilize on your skin because people have different skin types. As what http://best-antiagingproducts.com usually says, you ought to seek professional advice first before applying any product on the skin.

Refrigerator “Deodorant”

Oat meal can freshen your chiller. Simply put it in an open pot and keep it in your chiller.

Exfoliation Bath

If you work with it as a facial mask, why don’t you put it on for an exfoliating bath? The said cereal has been proven and tested to be a great mixture for a soothing and exfoliating bath. This mixture is very simple — 1 cup and also a few drops of your favorite bath oil. Of course, you have to grind the Oat meal just before mixing it with the oil. If you’d like an exfoliating scrub as you bathe, put powdered cereal in a wash cloth or screen bag.

The Itchiness Remedy

The cereal also offers the ability to alleviate the irritation caused by poison ivy as well as the itching that accompany chicken pox. You need to tie a bag of powdered Oat meal placed in cheesecloth around the faucet of the bath tub and hang it under running water. It’s recommended to bathe in the bathtub that’s filled with lukewarm water for approximately 30 minutes.

Shampoo Hair without the Water

In case you are in a big hurry and you don’t have time to actually rinse your hair, you can employ this cereal as a dry shampoo. To whip up an order of dry shampoo, place a single cup in the blender and mill until powdery. Add a cup of sodium bicarbonate and mix it perfectly. Use and rub onto the hair, leave it for 2 to 3 minutes then just shake or brush off. So simple — immediate hair cleaning minus the water!

These are simply some of the all kinds of other amazing uses of Oat meal that lots of people are not aware of. Naturally, the cereal surely can’t do as much “magic” like how merchandise like this one can http://best-antiagingproducts.com/lifecell-anti-aging-cream. On the other hand, Oat meal possesses its own magic — it’s actually a cereal with many uses.

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