Medical Wart Removal Strategies That Work

You have a lot of choices when it comes to removing warts. You’ll notice that physicians perform some of these procedures, while others can be safely performed at home without medical supervision.<br><br>Granted, just about any doctor will tell you that it’s okay to begin treatment at home yourself. In other words, common warts usually aren’t dangerous, so they really don’t require professional medical attention.<br><br>However, I should point out that sometimes, home removal techniques won’t work. This is often the case for larger-sized warts as well as foot warts.<br><br>So what’s the next step if this happens? Well, at that point, the only option is to see a doctor for more aggressive treatment. If this sounds familiar, that is, if you haven’t had any luck dealing with warts yourself, then I encourage you to keep reading. <br><br>So let’s explore the most common medical procedures used to <a href=”” target=’_blank’>eliminate a wart</a>.<br><br>As you go over these, you may start wondering which of these methods is right for you. You needn’t worry though, because your physician will assist you with this decision.<br><br>Cryotherapy is a relatively low-priced, yet highly effective treatment that freezes the skin wart with liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide snow. Freezing kills the wart tissue, which is how the procedure works. You’ll feel a slight stinging feeling during the procedure, but in general, it’s not too painful. It’s also rather safe. Typically, there’s very little scarring afterwards.<br><br>Laser therapy is another common treatment used to treat skin warts. The laser cauterizes the wart in addition to the blood vessels beneath it. The laser causes minor pain. But the procedure itself is still very safe. The risk of scarring is there, but it’s very minimal.<br><br>Electro-therapy is another treatment method. Here, an electric needle is used to burn the wart. Once thoroughly burned, the wart is cut out with a scalpel. Local anesthesia is used with electro-surgery, so pain is a non-issue. While highly effective, one drawback of this therapy is the high risk of scarring.<br><br>Finally there are prescription drugs. These are also used to treat <a href=”″ target=’_blank’>skin warts</a>. If your doctor does order medication, it will probably consist of salicylic acid. This same medication is used in other wart treatments products, including the ones you can buy without a physician’s prescription. Obviously, this is the easiest way to eliminate wart(s). There are little to no adverse effects to speak of and most of these drugs work extremely well. Removal with medication takes much longer than some of the other procedures discussed, which may or may not sway you personally.

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