Knowing Your Skin Type

Dry Skin<br>If you have the dry skin type, your skin shouldn’t look oily at all but your skin ought to feel tight and rough right after cleansing it and your skin may be flaky. If your skin only feels this way following using a strong facial cleaner then you might not have the dry skin type, it may be the cleanser resulting in the dryness. The dry skin type is susceptible to developing lines, wrinkles and fine pores. It is the skin type that often ages the fastest. If you have this skin type you ought to take proper care of it by using good moisturizers or facial masks in order to keep the skin looking youthful for more time.<br><br>Oily Skin<br>If you’ve got <a href=”” target=’_blank’>oily skin</a> you will be aware of it. I will start on a positive for the oily skin type. The oily skin type ages the slowest which is obviously good for anyone with this skin type. The problem with oily skin is that most people do not enjoy having the excessive oil on their skin and the excess oils can cause clogged pores and zits. You will need to take good care of your oily skin by using a good oil based cleanser, an oil free moisturizer and if you use makeup you will need to pick and chose these products wisely. People with oily skin have to cleanse and moisturize their face twice daily, at times thrice a day. <br><br>Combination skin.<br>Combination skin is a mix of both dry and <a href=”” target=’_blank’>oily skin</a>. You can have dry skin in a few areas of your skin and oily sections in others. Generally the oily sections are on the nose and forehead and the dry sections are on the cheeks. This can make the skin harder to cope with. In this case you should deal with the dry skin as you would if you had the dry skin type and use masks and good moisturizers where as with the oily skin you should cleanse twice daily and make use of an oil free moisturizer.<br><br>Sensitive Skin.<br>The sensitive skin type is similar to the dry skin type. It is likely to look and feel tight but sensitive skin tends to become irritated and inflamed with ease. Sensitive skin can be itchy and tingly and can develop spots and scaly areas. This skin type needs special care. There are skin products on the market for this kind of skin but getting the excellent types usually takes some time and work.<br><br>So now you know about all the types of skin you should know which one you&rsquo;ve got. Once you understand your skin type, it then becomes easier to figure out how to care for your skin. If people with dry skin treat their skin in the same way as people with oily skin, it just would not be as effective. These days, there are plenty of skin products that are branded for specific skin types. This makes it easier for you to find the right products for your own skin.

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