IPL Treatment has severely damaged my skin?

Question by K Dogg: IPL Treatment has severely damaged my skin?
I had IPL treatment on my face and it had left a dark black mark covering most of the right side of my face, it kind of looks like a large bruise. I had the treatment yesterday, and i’ve done it 6 or 7 times before but this is the first time its happened. I am female and of Indian ethnicity. Is this a serious problem or rectifiable?

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Answer by MAGS
the area may have been over treated

return to the salon and show them what has happened and ask explanation/advice

you may have developed a sensitivity and not be a suitable person for this treatment ,

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  1. Andrew D says:

    It probably is just a bruise — see if it fades. If it doesn’t fade after a week, return to where you had treatment for a consultation. If you went to a “medi-spa”, consider going to a dermatologist for a professional opinion before you have another treatment or before any procedure to revise/correct the mark. Sometimes, the “techs” performing these procedures at spas don’t have adequate training.


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