How You Can Look Younger Without Any Pain

Over the past few years, there is a beauty procedure which has become more and more popular, doesn’t involve the use of local or general anaesthetic and makes people feel good about themselves. Surely this is a real advance in the industry?<br><br><a href=”” target=’_blank’>Botox</a> is another name for botulinum toxin and this treatment is not cheap; one session can cost up to &pound;200 while booking a package of three sessions could be as much as &pound;450. The prices mentioned would only cover treatment of one area of the face such as the forehead. Wrinkles appear reduced after a protein is injected into the muscle under the skin. The doctor knows where to inject the protein by getting the client to frown.<br><br>The great thing about botox is that the results are instantaneous and this means the client can see the results straight away. Although fairly long-lasting this isn’t a permanent answer, and treatments are required every three to four months in order to maintain the effect. Another benefit of botox is that there are very few side effects; some people may get red skin or a bruised appearance but this usually disappears after a day or two.<br><br>Sometimes people can appear as though they have no movement of their facial features because of the botox treatments. As long as treatments are only booked in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor this really shouldn’t happen.<br><br>It is also beneficial for the client to apply a cream with a high sun protection factor as this should help to reduce the possibility of the skin being damaged by the sun. Botox is something that is very popular in terms of looking younger but you have to remember that you need to have injections every few months if you want to maintain that appearance.

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