How Moles Can Affect Us

A lot of people these days have a couple of moles about their body or their face. It could be the case that they started out like a freckle which grew slightly. In most cases, moles are completely safe and don’t cause any problems. But it is important to get a doctor to have a look at your mole if it changes in appearance at all. There may be nothing sinister about the mole at all but having a doctor confirm this is important.<br><br>There are lots of different types of moles and many of them are similar in appearance to other moles, which can make it a little more complicated to diagnose. It is not really known why someone might have a lot of moles although having family members with moles could mean you are more predisposed to getting them. A lot of fair skinned people are more likely to get moles.<br><br>It is also more common for those who have spent a lot of time in the sun to have moles. Some people find that when they get pregnant, the hormones can increase the amount of moles that they have.<br><br>Many doctors will take a photo of your moles so that at your next appointment it will be easier to tell if any changes have occurred. This is known as mole mapping. Your doctor may send you for a biopsy. A biopsy involves cells being take for analysis and it is a simple procedure.<br><br>If any cancer cells are found then you will probably have to have the mole removed. If it is benign but catches on clothing or is unsightly you may decide to have a <a href=”” target=’_blank’>mole removal</a> procedure which you will have to have under a local anaesthetic.<br><br>It is essential to use Sun Protection Factor 15 and a sunhat when outside, but come indoors, if possible during the hottest part of the day.

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