How can I get rid of the acne on my thighs?

Question by CR: How can I get rid of the acne on my thighs?
I was vegetarian for about 8 years and have resumed eating meat for the past year. After I started eating meat again, I began to get acne pimples on my inner thighs. They were made worse by irritation from clothing, etc., and can get quite painful.

I usually just wash with soap on my thighs, trying to avoid the use of fragrances and chemicals in acne wash or body wash. Should I use an acne “face wash” to try and get rid of them?

Is this normal acne? I don’t know if it is related to the meat eating but it started with one pimple about a month after I started eating meat again and a year later is several pimples that can pop up overnight.

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Answer by Beautiful Failure
I think it’s normal. It’s either because your body isn’t used to you eating meat again.
I would go to a dermatologist before doing or using anything on your thighs.

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3 Responses to How can I get rid of the acne on my thighs?

  1. Jacqueline Nelson says:

    yes, i think this is because you started eating meat again. you body was not use to meat. so it took it in a bad way. just try putting some acne stuff on your thighs, i don’t know if it will work though, best luck.


  2. Yoda says:

    Acne it is not.


  3. Blue Sea says:

    Likely it’s the food cause your acne. You should less or do not eat meat at all.
    In 90% of acne, food can be the main cause of acne. The remaining 10% is due to hormones.


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