HELP WITH ACNE PLEASE! 10 Points to best answer!?

Question by Rayna: HELP WITH ACNE PLEASE! 10 Points to best answer!?
I’ve been suffering with breakouts for 3 years now. Early this past October I’d get one or two pimples in between my boobs.. But as of November it started getting BAD! Now it’s all red and broken out. Its appearing on my back a tiny bit. I’m scared I’m going to end up like the people who get on Accutane and just suffer so badly. I was pescribed an antibiotic but after stopping I heard the acne comes back even worse a month later in most cases! Not worth the risk!! I have been looking at different acne websites and I’ve taken not to different “cures” or “treatments.” I was wondering if ths would work in helping defeat this horrible thing I have to suffer with..

Lots of vitamin b5
Washing with Dove cool moisture bar of soap
Drinking lots of warm water with lemon
Spot treatment of the acne in between my boobs with neospoirn
Cutting down on dairy products, sugar, soy, fried foods
Lots of tea

.. If I do all of this, will my acne heal quickly. I mean it’s not HORRIBLE, it is pretty bad though. So what is your opinion. Any suggestions? Don’t suggest Accutane! I am highly against it. Please guys help! I know it’s gross xD But it is what it is and I just need to get rid of it. By the way I’m 17 and obviously a female.
Proactiv does not work at all. Truthfully if it worked then wouldn’t they go out of business? Lol.
Talia! Oh jeeze! Such a good helpful site. I’m going to follow everything it says 🙂 Very excited. Thank you very much!

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Answer by Iytr
I hope it will be helpful in resolving your probeml keep using

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3 Responses to HELP WITH ACNE PLEASE! 10 Points to best answer!?

  1. Zom-bee says:

    First, Determine your skin type.This is important because different skin types need different products.You may have oily skin if your skin has a greasy feel by lunch time,you have large pores,and acne is regular,oily skin is the most acne prone skin type.

    Find your skincare regimen. many drugstore brands such as neutrogena,use the same ingredients as department store brands do in their products.Check the tips section for websites you can go to to find the right skincare routine for your skin.

    If something isn’t working then don’t give up.I know that you may want to give up on a product if you don’t see results immediately but some products take longer to work than others,most products take at least a 5-7 days to start working. If you don’t see any results within a month,try switching products.

    If you happen to have the same skin type as me,which is mild acne and combination skin here are the products i use that may help you.I use Biore Revitalize 4 in 1 foaming cleanser, Biore Triple Action Astringent(toner)and Biore Nourish Moisture Lotion SPF 15,Every day in the morning or the night. Biore Products can be bought at walmart or any drugstore for $ 5-$ 9.

    Visit a dermatologist. If you have really bad acne and it is not going away,consider visiting a dermatologist to see if they can give you products that will help clear your skin.

    Good luck!


  2. Tom is awesome. But not here :( says:

    What about ProActiv or Clean & Clear?
    You should try that.


  3. Andy says:

    I recommend use Acneace!
    I used it, and after 1 months, my acne was COMPLETELY gone!
    Hope it works for you.


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