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Going Beyond Acne Myths<br><br>The truth about acne can be a little hard to uncover because there are so many myths flying around about it. The real trouble with acne is that it does impact a huge segment of the population and the reasons &amp;quot;why&amp;quot; remain rather cloudy. An unfortunate side effect to the many rumors is that the cures they offer often serve to make the problem worse. Keep reading in order to eliminate some of those myths from your acne fighting routine.<br><br>One of the most common acne myths is that the condition is caused by dirt or poor hygiene. Making the assumption that obsessive washing and scrubbing can help eliminate acne will cause more harm in the end. Not only won’t this cure your acne, it can actually have the opposite effect. Even though it is a good thing to make sure that your face is clean, washing your face too much will cause even more damage. You will end up with more oil in your face if you wash your face too often. This can cause more pimples. Do not rub, touch or wash your skin unless you absolutely have to. So, you should wash it with mild cleaning products and water. Washing too frequently or too often is not good for your skin and will only make your acne worse. A typical mistake people make when treating acne is thinking that a product is supposed to work immediately. This causes them to give up too quickly with a treatment and to constantly switch products or treatments. It is going to take a couple of weeks for your acne to get better. So, if you are constantly switching products, you aren’t giving them enough time to work. Have too many treatments can make your acne even more untreatable. As a result, the extra exposure might not be good for your skin. So, give your treatments time to work. You can’t expect your acne to clear up overnight.<br><br>You’ll probably be glad to know that sex is not the cause of acne. The only basis for this myth is that teenagers begin producing hormones called androgens around the time of puberty. Not only do these hormones have certain biological functions but they are also believed to play a vital role in the sex drive. Acne outbreaks happen as a result of all these hormones and the changes they cause within the body.<br><br>This connection does not mean, however, that sexual behavior itself has anything to do with acne. The production of hormones in the body is something that occurs naturally, and in some cases, in both teenagers and adult, this contributes to acne. There has never yet been any evidence linking sexual behaviors or activities to acne. Acne is not just limited to teenagers. Find out as much information as you can about acne so that you can treat it. This will also mean that you cannot believe everything that you hear about acne. Do not forget that you won’t be able to clear up your acne automatically. So, understand this fact and do what it takes to clear it up.<br><br>Click here to learn more about <a href=”” target=’_blank’>Clear Skin Max</a>.

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