Five Tips For Getting Rid Of Acne

By now, nearly everybody has seen the late night and early morning acne infomercials with Jessica Simpson and Sean “Diddy” Combs. I guess they figure, if a celebrity trusts something, then so should you. The promises made for the product sound surreal, and yet for many individuals it may be just the cure they’re looking for. Even so, it may not be for everybody. <br><br>One of my daughters who had acquired a bad case of acne in recent years, tried the infomercial solution, and it didn’t work on her at all. Being a young teenager, she was beset by acne outbreaks and needed a solution fast. But unable to discover a quick solution, we ended up going to the local skin specialist for acne info and answers. The doctor gave her a doctor prescribed for a cream and an oral medication. After following his directions for a few weeks, her acne had virtually departed. This was the right solution for her, but it may not be for you – because we’re all different. <br><br>Here are some general tips that I’ve discovered over the years:<br><br>When you have oily skin – it’s best to take a medicated acne product or one in gel form.<br><br>When you have dry skin – you’ll probably do better with the acne cream form and medicated products with benzoyl peroxide or salycic acid.<br><br>When you have the two oily AND dry skin (combined type) – you will probably want a combination of oily skin gels and dry skin acne lotions to apply to different parts of the fact according to your skin predicament there.<br><br>When you have sensitive skin – you will more than likely want less intense concentrations of either dry, oily, or combined-type treatments.<br><br>When you have skin pain because of acne – you should get private attention from a skin specialist.<br><br>So numerous individuals struggle with skin afflictions on a regular basis. With the advances in science, you’d think that the acne situation would have been fixed long ago and that acne would be a pale memory. Unfortunately the age-old self-esteem destroyer is still around and going strong.<br><br>Today, reaching middle age, I discover myself in a new situation when it comes to unsightly spots. Now I discover that my skin tends to be a bit oily and I have acne breakouts after moisturizing my facial area . One of the few things I hunt forward to as I get older is the absence of acne.<br><br>A wonderful website called <a href=”” target=’_blank’>Acne Truth</a> as well features some wonderful information on other products and themes around the topic. A pertinent subject that I thought was exciting and informative was about <a href=”” target=’_blank’>best face wash to clear acne</a>. Have a look at all of the blog subjects and I am certain you will discover a topic with regards to your circumstance.

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