Effective Over-The-Counter Acne Treatments for Blackheads You Should Utilize Now

Acne can be awkward and even depressing for many people, especially teens. Acne has affected nearly everybody at one time or another. Almost all acne clears up after a while, but a few people are left with holes or marks in their skin even after their pimples have gone away.<br><br>What precisely is <a href=”http://www.medicinenet.com/acne/article.htm” target=’_blank’>acne</a>? It is a disease affecting the sebaceous glands. These glands excrete sebum, an oily substance, that should flow through pores to the surface of the skin. This sebum consists of fats (triglycerides and fatty acids), wax and remains of dead fat-producing cells.<br><br>Blockages of the pores and infections of these skin oil glands produce acne. Puberty is a period when hormones like testosterone are prevalent in adolescents. Testosterone aggravates acne. Testosterone exists in both males and females. Cortisol, a stress related hormone, also produces acne. Beyond adolescence acne tends to disappear. But, for a few people it lasts well into their forties.<br><br>The most common expressions of acne are whiteheads and blackheads. These are usually not attributable to a lack of hygiene. Instead, it’s the accumulation of excess oils in the duct that should carry the sebum from the sebaceous glands to the skin’s surface that brings about acne. Oils which have an opening to the skin can oxidize and appear dark or black and are known as blackheads. Oils where the opening is blocked or shut remain lighter in color and are known as whiteheads, pimples or zits.<br><br>Treatment options typically consist of over-the-counter medicines or, for more serious acne, prescription drugs. Some common over-the-counter medicines used as a <a href=”http://mildacnetreatment.com” target=’_blank’>mild acne treatment</a> include benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and anti-bacterial Triclosan. These medicines can be obtained in creams and gels and help remove excess oil and dead skin to unclog the pores and permit the pores to drain. Any bacterial infections may be dealt with after the pores are unblocked. Before applying the cream or gel, it will be most effective to clean your skin using a solution which is not alkaline, as most soaps are. This will permit the cream or gel to directly come in contact with your skin to function most effectively. <br><br>Your family medical professional or a dermatologist can help if the over-the-counter solutions prove ineffective. They can prescribe more powerful formulations that will help lessen acne and possible scaring. Furthermore, a dermatologist may suggest additional therapies that scrape off a thin layer of skin (dermabrasion), light or laser treatments, or even surgery to lance and drain larger accumulations of sebum.<br><br>As described above, acne is a typical, almost universal condition. It will pass and shortly be a distant memory. Most over-the-counter treatments will be effective and will have you smiling once more in a few weeks.

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