Does white merlot have resveratrol (the “anti-aging” compound) in it?

Question by John Anderson III: Does white merlot have resveratrol (the “anti-aging” compound) in it?
I know most red wine does, but white merlot is a tad lighter than regular merlot. It’s also sweeter.

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Answer by rob lou
So you can stay alive and drink more????

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2 Responses to Does white merlot have resveratrol (the “anti-aging” compound) in it?

  1. sommelier2000 says:

    Probably does have some minor beneficial properties if the colour of the wine has been achieved by at least some skin contact.
    However, colouring agents are used by many inexpensive white merlot producers which will offer no benefit at all as the anti-oxident benefits are found primarily in the grape skins.

    Drink red & stay healthy!


  2. Babolat says:

    White Merlot? Never seen it under a reputable label. Must be an intent to market a cheap wine. With that being said, be careful with additives that they might be adding.

    As mentioned above, the antiaging compound is found in the grapes skin being the Cabernet grape the one with the highest content.

    Also, it is said that a glass of orange juice has more resveratrol by volume than any red wine.



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