Did anybody else hear this about Pharrell???

Question by Mr. Woodcock Dilla: Did anybody else hear this about Pharrell???

Pharrell Williams is splashing out hundreds of thousands of dollars on new skin.

The producer has grown bored of the numerous tattoos he has etched onto his body so is paying a firm to grow him replacement skin in a test tube, which they will then stitch over his old permanent markings.

He told MySpace.com: “It’s going to be pricey, but f**k it, it’s worth it. I got fire on my arms, I don’t need fire on my arms! I’m a grown man.”

“There’s an institute called the Wake Forest Institute in North Carolina for Regenerative Skin Treatment.”

“It’s basically like getting a skin graft, but you’re not taking skin from you a** or legs – these guys actually grow the skin for you.”

“First you have to give them a sample of your skin, which they then replicate. Once that’s been done, they sew it on – and it’s seamless.”

Once his new skin is ready, the NERD star is planning to have new body art.

WTF is wrong with this dude??? lol.

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Answer by Waitin on the Young C album
Yeah someone posted it last night

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15 Responses to Did anybody else hear this about Pharrell???

  1. TYW: Call Me Big Daddy says:

    What the f***!? I would be scared as hell!


  2. alina7x says:

    wow, haven’t heard that but that is screwed up. kind of reminds me of silence of the lambs. he will probably get cancer from the man-grown skin


  3. Zion Bound says:

    holy crap! i didnt even know that was possible. it would be funny if this becomes the new trend.


  4. Technical: Rhythmatic Visionary says:

    I’m assuming botox isn’t enough to fix your skin anymore…


  5. Mechanical (Yakkity Shmakkity) says:

    Shouldn’t medical technology be used to help cure illness…not to help rich people get rid of their physical flaws. I hope he dies from that.


  6. Dynasty. says:

    Damn that be creepy


  7. Tony B says:

    Its better than the alternative for actually removing tatoos. I find lasers a lot more frightening than my own skin being graphed over an unwanted tat.


  8. so_sincerious R.I.P SEAN BELL says:

    …and to think… THIS is what we spend our money on… new skin…

    meanwhile..in other parts of the world….


  9. Chuck Norris says:

    All of you good people complaining about where your millions of research dollars are going (LOL), you do realize this break through in medical science is used to help burn victims, and other skin deformities right?

    Or would you rather hate and play the holier than thou, pompous Yahooligan role?


  10. Diggin' In The Crates says:

    Yea, kind of reminds me of the guy off silence of the lambs


  11. Choc1 says:

    I’m glad I never got tattoos, I bet when you get 40 it’s going to look like paint that you can’t wash off your body. To you young cats that want to get tattoos on your hands like Lloyd Banks, don’t do it. Someday you’re going to have to shake somebody’s hand at a job interview.


  12. WORKiiN WiiT WHAT ii GOT says:

    This is News to Me

    I had a feeling too that he lost his mind from watching some of whis interviews, but DAMN



  13. Jazzy says:

    yeah. i heard about it on big boy.I aint mad at him cuz if i had money i would do the same thing too.


  14. Caput II says:

    I was kinda grossed out reading that…imagine going to the doctors and he shows you a big 5 pound lump of skin…

    “hello Mr.Pharrell this is your skin” “are you ready for the surgery?”


  15. whatshappenin? says:



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