Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment

Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment
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25 Responses to Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment

  1. competer4 says:

    Oh God, it burns so much xD


  2. acneerasingsecrets says:

    Thanks for sharing your advice and information on getting rid of acne and getting clear skin!

    If you have any questions about acne or breakouts let me know… I’m sure I can help!


    David “The Skin” King


  3. clearedmyacne says:

    Extremely interesting video on how to make your skin more beautiful! Acne just isn’t only damaging for ones skin, but also to mental health: It would not be nice to hear persons always mocking you for your acne! Thus some people pay through their nose just to go for cosmetic surgery. Even so I have discovered a rather effortless and a lot cheaper method to remove acne, Youtube won’t permit me post the link here so I put it on my profile. Enjoy!


  4. BobandSlawd says:

    @superman01781 u can put it on a group jus make sure to apply a good amount lol


  5. poohbearxo0o says:

    Can I put this on my scars?


  6. MyRockinBffs says:

    i have that . 😀 it does work ,you just have to be sure to add the right amount.
    i do half a pea size for each spot.
    and my forehead is where i get the most spots so i put it all over my forehead and they have reduced in half an hour then in the next 3 hours they have gone! :)x


  7. imasagunasekara says:

    Narrow Naughty girls and ladies here


  8. superman01781 says:

    can u put that on a group of pimples. or its just works on 1 pimple at a time


  9. xxWuVaBLeLiSaxx says:

    @MexicanChinessFood12 u put it on after cleansing, toning if you use a toner (which is very good, just DONT get one with alchohol or fragrance ITS NOT GOOD) and before moisturising. if you have a big zit thats a whitehead, avoid putting moisturiser directly on it, but on the rest of ur face. 🙂 xx


  10. xxWuVaBLeLiSaxx says:

    i rekn it depends on how much you use and how much of your face you put it on. If your skin is pretty good in most spots but you get some pimples and you just use the product on that spot only, you should most likely be fine. I had dry skin for ages, and I just switched to the most natural products I could find that I trusted would still take care of my skin. Simple Skin Care o and i also used Medicated Honey from simplesolutionsinternational . com MAGIC.if u wna know more just msg me. x


  11. NIGELTHA1andONLY says:

    Clean and Clear works for me very well


  12. keywest302 says:

    Need proactiv solution? CONTACT ME AT MISSZITS AT YAHOO com


  13. XXXRoCkInXXXReBeLXXX says:

    I have dry-combination skin; would you recommend this product for my skin type? (: xxx


  14. Brendan7432 says:

    This stuff works for my skin, it strings like heck. But it gets rid of the pimples.


  15. mishi6997 says:

    Actually.. 11.99 in shoppers drugmart


  16. MrsNaina says:

    do u use the whole kit step by step (3steps) around 1-3 times a day?? PLZ REPLY thx for the video.


  17. newyorkutube says:

    how long do you leave it on for?


  18. tsume184 says:

    @Ibama0Eunice Murad works really good. I am black with oily skin, and i tell you that stuff works miracles!!!


  19. NancyxBeauty says:

    damn..wasn’t it like 10 $ (in canada)


  20. MexicanChinessFood12 says:

    hey after using this do i wash my face? i have the kit but idk how to use it?


  21. Ibama0Eunice says:

    its doesnt work for us dark people gosh nothing work for us !


  22. kianakosmetics says:

    This stuff works way good for me! (:


  23. iPokeY0u says:

    @sarah77825 please be my guest and use this product. I’m just telling everyone about what i gone though and not to take a chance with this product, but understandable if anyone want to try it out.


  24. sarah77825 says:

    @iPokeY0u For you? You cant advise other people not to use it when we all have different skin 😛 This dosen’t make me break out, it really helps. Some things don’t work for a lot of people because of their skin type, but let them try it out! x)


  25. biebersrichchicz says:

    i TOTAL agree i keep that in my purse just in case n i take it to school with me. trust me its REAL life saver. luv it. BUT it might not work for everyone


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