Causes of Those Hated Stretch Marks

The outer appearance of a person is important to many people and when changes occur, it can bring about a lot of stress. Many people would love to know exactly what is the description and causes of <a href=”″ target=’_blank’>stretch marks</a>. These can simply be described as silvery tissue that have extended which form on the skin. They are usually very bad looking and are mostly of a different color as compared to the rest of the skin.<br><br>These are not bias to gender and thus can form on both women and men. It also does not matter the age you are. The only thing that is good about these is that they are painless and not deadly. Their main undoing is that they are ugly in appearance.<br><br>Childbirth is something that women often look forward to, however, this condition is also known change the hormones within your body. The body gains extra weight during these times and the skin stretches to accommodate the growth. If you were thinking of continuing to model after you have had a child you might have to re think that. Pregnancy is one of the major known factors of stretch marks.<br><br>Pregnancy usually leads to the body undergoing changes. After conceiving the body usually remains the same way for some time. Also during pregnancy your body produces hormones that cause the skin to grow improperly. This also contributes to the formation of these on the skin.<br><br>There are also those that gain weight quite quickly. This is also a cause of these appearing on a person. To avoid formation of these, it is advisable that you watch the kind of food that you eat and exercise regularly so that you do not gain weight to quick.<br><br>Teenagers usually grow at a fast rate and are susceptible to these during a growth spurt. Taking medicines for a long period also leads to these developing. These develop on the skin of many people and the above is only a brief introduction on the description and causes of stretch marks.<br>

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