YouTips Forum Part Two – Help for Acne Pimples, Chapped/Flaky lips, Clean Makeup Brushes

Hi, welcome back to another episode of YouTips Forum where I answer questions from my viewers in a video to help others who may have the same concerns. This is a two-part video, so be sure to watch Part One. In this video I answer questions on how to deal with troublesome pimples and acne. I also talk about how to keep your make up brushes clean and how to deal with flaky chapped lips. If you have questions you would like answered in future forum videos, please subscribe and forward your questions to me in a personal message. All user names are kept confidential. Please check out my other YouTips Forum videos for more question and answer videos. Thanks so much for viewing! To purchase a YouTips4U Custom Designed T-Shirt, please click here: For more helpful tips, or if you have any questions, please visit

How To Clear Your Acne: How I Wash My Face

This is a video about what I use to wash my face and how I wash my face. This and MORE videos to come at… My name is Ray and I’ve been an acne sufferer, in the past, for more than 10 years. Visit my website at to read FREE articles, tips, secrets, and coaching on how i cleared my acne. http -Ray
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Im showing you how to clear your acne in Three days or faster! You will need… 1. An oil-free, non-drying, for oily skin, daily cleanser, for your face 2. A Spot gel that is 2% Salicylic Acid 3. A Mosistuizer for oily skinb that doesnt clog pores
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What is a good overnight anti-aging firming and “tightening” facial mask?

Question by ♥ jae ♥: What is a good overnight anti-aging firming and “tightening” facial mask?
I love St. Ives Mineral Clay Firming mask. It leaves my skin firmer and I like how it tightens my whole face as I am wearing it. However, you can only leave it on for 15 minutes.

Is there an anti-aging mask out there that “tightens” your face as you’re wearing but can be worn overnight? Something under the price of $ 30 would be nice too.


Best answer:

Answer by Rinka
yes, there are alot of ‘sleep in’ masks out in the market. they will either have ‘sleep-in’ in the name of their product, or in the instructions it will say that you can tissue it off which means that you can also leave it on (ive asked skincare people about this).

the body shop’s wise woman range has a facial mask which is lifting and tightening but im pretty sure its wash-off. a really good sleep-in mask that alot of people have recommended to me (even though im only 18 and anti-ageing cares not really my concern yet) is l’occitanes immortelle cream mask. its a multi purpose product as you can either use it as a cream sleep-in mask underneath a moisturiser, or even as a night cream.

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