am i freaking out over nothing? “eye wrinkles” or my ocd?

Question by lit: am i freaking out over nothing? “eye wrinkles” or my ocd?

i don’t have a picture of myself but that’s basically just what they look like.

i’m 23, will be turning 24 in january.

from what i can tell, i have always had these lines, even as a little kid. for some reason (probably turning 24) i am starting to FREAK out about them. like, looking into surgery and stuff.

i feel so ugly i’m afraid to leave the house and haven’t been except at night to get food.

my ocd has reared it’s head before and has gotten really weird. this seems like it’s one of those times, but i think it may help to have someone say, “no, those aren’t wrinkles, they’re just a natural part of your face unrelated to aging” because if i say anyting to anyone else they just dismiss me, and my mom pretends they aren’t there, which is infuriating. sometimes when you have ocd the only thing that helps is to have someone argue with you.

i’m not fishing for compliments this is really bothering me and anyone that has ocd/bdd would get this.

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Answer by Edward Bongshanks
I can’t see anything. They just look like everyone else’s eyes to me.

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5 Responses to am i freaking out over nothing? “eye wrinkles” or my ocd?

  1. Hilly Billy Texas Man says:

    You have Ebola.


  2. bella-bella says:

    You seem to be very aware of whats going on here… You know that ur not at the age to be wrinkly yet.. You also know that they have been there a while.. Freaking about this would be like freaking about the lines u get in crease of ur arms .. or the lines in your hands..
    We call these “life lines and laugh lines” for a reason .. they are something we should be proud of .. OCD could cause u to wash ur face too vigorously or too often .. if that is true.. you need to get your ocd taken care of.. that will only lead to more lines and more anxiety.. Better yet,, learn to love all your imperfections.. Do you look poorly on your friends or family who have imperfections in their face?
    Remind yourself that you deserve the credit you issue to others..
    Id see Your Dr about the OCD not the lines 🙂 good luck ..


  3. TK_M says:

    I’m not sure it’s OCD, it sounds like early onset mid-life crisis – The same thing happened to me, although it was about something else.

    Your fears and insecurities about yourself seem to have surfaced and your OCD is keeping them at the for front of your mind.

    If you don’t want to treat the OCD, you might have to channel your energies into something else. You are not just a face, but a whole person!


  4. Sherri says:

    some people just have lines under their eyes. they don’t look abnormal or weird at all. it’s the shape of your eyes, your ethnicity, your age, all factors combined. there’s nothing wrong with you. you have nice eyes, actually!


  5. ontheinside24 says:

    No they dont look like wrinkles related to ageing at all.

    I think you might suffer from BDD – body dysmorphic disorder since you say you are too afraid to leave the house over your looks. I had that and was put on an antidepressant called cybalta and got counselling and now its a lot better.

    Also you have very dry skin by the looks of it and that shows up every single line on your face. If you get the moisture back into your skin you’ll find that they wont be as noticeable (although as i said they dont look like age wrinkles).

    I think you need to do two things –
    1) invest in a good eye cream and use once or twice a day – try dermalogica multivitamin power firm – i think its amazing. Also buy a good hydrating moisturiser for the rest of your face – the olay range is good and well priced.

    2) start eating a lot of omega 3s – they help to store water under the skin and keep skin hydrated. I started eating salmon 3 times a week and a lot of people say they see wrinkles and lines disappearing after doing this. Also take fish oil tablets every day. And dont forget to drink lots of water and stay out of the sun.


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