2 oz. Treatment

Latest Acne Amazon products 2 oz. Treatment

  • Formulated by founder Dan Kern
  • NOTE: Effective only when used correctly
  • see: Acne Treatment Guide @
  • Dan’s step by step Regimen
  • A treatment and a community – since 1996

Hi everybody, I’m Dan. Twelve years ago I started to share a regimen that I discovered with the world. is a community-based web site with message boards and a huge supportive community. is ad-free and there is no cost to the user. is completely self-supported by our small extremely high quality product line. You do not have to order my products to use the site or to follow The Regimen. I teach you how to use common drugstore products with The Regimen as well. We have an amazing printable guide to buying drugstore products on the… 2 oz. Treatment

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