A Simple Way To Reduce The Greasiness Of Your Face For A Few Hours

So you have <a href=”http://www.squidoo.com/oily-skin2″ target=’_blank’>oily skin</a> and you do what you can to keep the oil and breakouts at a minimum. You eat properly, cleanse and moisturize effectively and if you use makeup, you use the products that work best with oily skin. There are times where excess oils builds up on your face and you are not in an ideal location to cleanse. This usually happens after a long and stressful day. A good example of this is a night club, after dancing away all night in a humid and smokey club the oil can accumulate. One more example is while you are traveling. Long distance flights can be stressful and inconvenient and you are not likely to get a lot of time to be concerned about your skin. So what do you do in this scenario. Have you tried blotting paper?<br><br>You may have heard about blotting paper being used in other situations. It&rsquo;s most well known purpose was to soak up ink. This was back when dip pens were more commonly used. Blotting paper has also been used to distribute drugs such as LSD. For all its uses, blotting paper is best used on oily skin. It does the same job with skin as it does with its other uses. It soaks up moisture. In the case of the skin, it soaks up the excess oils of your skin. Sounds ideal to me!<br><br>Blotting paper is a speedy and effortless temporary solution for removing the surplus oils from your face. It’s basically the same paper that is used in common public toilet seat covers, they are offered in little packs and you can carry them in your bag or jean pocket (or you could just use toilet seat covers, they are clean!). As soon as you feel as if your face is becoming just a little too greasy, you could go to the toilet and blot the extra oil of your face. Its speedy, its straightforward and its effective. To use the blotting paper you must apply moderate pressure and hold it to your face in the oily parts right up until the oil is soaked up. You must not wipe the blotting paper all over your face. I find that the perfect time to use blotting paper is just before a photograph. In pictures my t-zone usually comes out appearing really shiny so blotting paper is a quick and effortless solution for this <a href=”http://foroilyskin.blogspot.com/2011/10/dry-skin.html” target=’_blank’>oily skin</a>.<br><br>Whenever purchasing blotting paper just look for the least expensive option. They’re all virtually the same. If you do a quick search online for blotting paper you will get options of where you can get some from. You could quite possibly even have a go at cutting your own up but just bear in mind that using standard paper or tissue does not work in the same was as blotting paper does. It is also necessary to keep in mind that blotting paper is not a substitute for an excellent cleansing routine, which is why blotting paper is often called emergency blotting paper.

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